DIY Wedding Stress Relief: Good to Know Tips

Yes, it’s true. In a few short months I will be swapping out my tool belt for some tulle and walking down the aisle. While I couldn’t be happier to celebrate with my family and friends, I have to admit: I’m starting to stress out.

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Whether you’re getting married or not, we all have those moments in life when it feels like everything is happening all at once. So what can you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? My buddy Dan Pashman and I pulled together some Good to Know stress-relieving remedies to share with you.

I have to say I’ve had some serious quality time with my puppy, Newton, these last few weeks — he does wonders for my blood pressure. Also I’ve found that talking to friends, like old married Dan and his cute pup here, has helped quite a bit, too.

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It’s important to make it a priority to take care of yourself during these busy periods in order to protect your immune system and your mental health. Here are a few more stress busters I’m going to try out before my big day.


It stands to reason that the busier and more anxious you are, the less you sleep. This can be a real trap for some people, since sleep restores our body’s ability to cope with stress. While it’s true that different people require different amounts of sleep, studies show that 7.5 hours is ideal for most. It can be very beneficial to build sleep into your schedule, avoid caffeine later in the day and to try drinking chamomile tea about an hour before you’d like to snooze. Sleep makes all of the difference.

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I know. I know. No one likes to be told to exercise, but I have no choice — it works. Even light exercise for 20 minutes a day increases your body’s endorphins. Endorphins actually help you to sleep at night, while making you more alert and able to concentrate during the day. Physical activity also greatly aids your body’s ability to fight illness and disease. It’s a wonderful all-around stress buster. See how I stopped with the excuses and moved on to results with my DIY Hidden Home Gym.

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Three little words that can restore order to your brain in no time: To Do List. Whether it comes naturally to you or not, making and organizing the tasks at hand can get relieve tension during life’s most hectic moments. Once you’ve done a “brain dump” and jotted down everything that needs to be done, big and small, you can then prioritize. Even if your list is long, it is proven to lessen stress once it’s been created. As an added bonus, there’s nothing so satisfying as crossing things off when they are done!

I fully plan to lean on all of these relaxing little tricks in the near future – and hope to create some healthy habits that stick around in my married life as well. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any secret recipes for stress relief we haven’t listed here!


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